His Love Never Fails

If you’re human like I am, you have messed up. Some mistakes may be big and some may be little. Regardless of the mistake, you often times are left with a feeling of guiltiness and remorse. You see, I am a perfectionist, and sometimes I tend to have legalistic tendencies. I tend to think that the things that do or don’t do will make God love me more or less. It leaves me with a feeling of being in bondage and slavery. I am a slave to my own actions and thoughts. I feel trapped and stuck because I cannot achieve what I think to be the level of a “good Christian”. I feel as though I am never good enough, smart enough, or spiritual enough. I have found that I am aiming for a level of perfection that I will never achieve. Only one person has ever reached that level, and that person is Jesus. I have spent my Christian life being trapped in my own perfection. While I have been trying to make God love me He has been trying to tell me that He already does. In the midst of the storm of emotions and disappointments in this life there is a still small voice saying, “Child, in me you have freedom.” Freedom is the release from bondage. Freedom is a concept so hard for me to grasp. As a result of our sin nature, we often think that we are in control of our lives and that we have the ability to do things to make God love us. What happens when we let this result guide our lives is what I talked about above. Bondage, slavery, guiltiness, hopelessness. We have freedom in Christ because He has set us free. He has set us free from ourselves and from our sin. He has set us free from control. He has a perfect plan for each life and we need not worry about what will happen because it is in God’s hands. God loves us through our mistakes. He loves us through our imperfections because it is through them that His power and glory is shown. He uses our imperfections in ways we could never imagine. There is no need to try and make God love you more because He already loves you more than you could ever imagine. There is no need strive for an unrealistic idea of perfection because you will never reach it. We can rest in the peace and freedom that God is in control and loves us through our mistakes and failures. His love never fails.


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