6 Ways to know you are dating your best friend

The best kind of relationship is where your boyfriend/ girlfriend truly becomes your best friend. There is nothing quite like a relationship that has a strong friendship foundation. Here are 6 ways to know that you are dating your best friend.

1.You have fun together

It does not matter what you are doing. Whether it is a romantic dinner out or you are sitting on the couch watching Netflix, you have fun. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. You have fun just by enjoying each other’s company.

2.They get you

Whether it is your insatiable desire for Taco Bell or the fact that you always leave exactly one bite of food uneaten, they get you. They don’t judge the weird things that you do. They love your quirks and abnormalities because that is what makes you who you are. If they weren’t your best friend, I don’t think that they would understand something like your shopping addiction. Only a guy who gets you will spend hours in the mall with you because it is something you truly enjoy doing.

3.You make sacrifices for each other

It doesn’t matter how small of a sacrifice it is, it still matters. You may sacrifice the movie you want to go see or the restaurant that you want to eat at. A relationship of best friends is 100% both ways. It is a constant give and take. You both recognize each other’s desires, and try your hardest to let them have them.

4. You are secure

You do not need to constantly be together. There is a great gift in time spent apart. You recognize that you both need time with your individual friends and family. It is healthy to be apart for some time. You trust each other and realize that you each need your space at times.

5. You start to think alike

This is where it gets scary. Your thoughts start to become the same. You can begin to speak with just a look or eye movements. You end up saying the same things at the same time. You start to do some of the same things like randomly making weird noises or breaking out into song. Your minds start to become one.

6.They are the first person you run to

When you have good news or bad news, they are the first person that you want to tell. They are always there to support you when you need it. They give amazing advice, and tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. There is nothing that you want to keep from them. There is always open communication about anything and everything.

Best friends are people that you can have random and deep conversations with. They are people that you can be yourself around, no matter how goofy that may be. You do not have to try hard to impress because they love you anyway. A best friend is someone that laughs with you and cries with you and goes through life with you. If you are like me and are dating your best friend, consider yourself immensely blessed. There is something so special about a relationship with such a strong friendship. I am so thankful that I am blessed with a man who is my best friend.

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