An open letter to a high school senior

I know what it is like. Sitting in classes dreaming about that glorious day where you get to step foot onto your college campus and finally leave your parents and hometown behind. The day that you can become whoever you want to be. You can completely reinvent yourself into whatever you want and no one will know who you were before. If you are anything like me you have a countdown on your phone and check it religiously everyday so that you can know how many days you have left until your life can finally begin.  I am here to tell you college is not all that it is cracked up to be. It is not what it looks like on movies and TV. It’s not all fun and games and parties. College is hard. These last 2 and a half months that I have spent as a college freshman have been the hardest time of my life. You have a picture in your head of what college is supposed to be. For me the picture was not reality. The freedom of being away from home sounds so exciting. You don’t have to check in with your parents all the time. They don’t know what you are doing or who you are with and to most teenagers that sounds so exciting. The truth is that you get homesick really fast. There will be times where you wish your mom could give you a hug and your dad could give you a fist bump and tell you everything will be okay. If you are like me making friends will be hard. Coming from high school where you know everyone and have so many friends, it is a very hard transition. You will feel lonely, you will feel stressed. Your relationship with God will be tested like never before. Your parents won’t be there to make you go to church and to make sure you are keeping up with your quiet time. It becomes very easy very quick to totally ignore all of that because of all the stresses of school. Classes will be hard. You will fail things no matter how good you did in high school. You will cry. A lot. There are going to be days where you want to go home. There will be days where you wonder why you decided to choose that college. There will be days where you want to skip class so that you can cry all day. However, though college may be the hardest thing you have yet to, there are going to be times where you are having the time of your life. There will be games to go to, tailgates to attend, movie nights, late night cookout runs, and bonfires. The hard days will get better. Take it from someone who speaks from experience. No matter how dark it seems, God’s light will shine through. These times are the times where you need to turn to God the most. When it seems like there is no hope and you feel like you can’t move on, stop trying to do things on your own. You cannot do anything apart from God and He has a lesson in every situation. However, these times are yet to come. I spent too much of my time in high school focusing on the future and not enough time enjoying the present. Look around you. See your friends, your teachers, your parents. Enjoy your phase of life because you will never get to have it again. Do all that you can because you don’t want to leave with regrets. College will come. But for now enjoy the present because there is no other time like it.

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