9 Ways to know that your mom is your best friend

A girl who can say that her mom is her best friend is truly blessed. There is no better best friend out there than your mom. She knows the good, the bad, and the ugly about you and has to love you anyway! It is truly a blessing to have a mom who is not just your mom but also your friend. Here are 9 ways to know that your mom is actually your best friend.

  1. You have more inside jokes than you can count

You and her have thousands of inside jokes basically dating back to creation. Neither of you is shy about bringing them up in front of huge groups of people. No one actually knows what you are talking about, but you ignore the confused stares and laugh hysterically anyway.

2. You are always laughing together

It doesn’t matter is you are shopping, eating, watching TV, driving around, in the middle of church, wherever, you are always laughing. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything at all, just give a look and the laughter erupts. Good luck trying to stop you because the laughter can’t be stopped once it has begun.

3. You are always having “Remember when…..” moments

It can be anything from “remember when I would trip down the stairs and pass out” or “remember when we almost wrecked the golf cart in the ditch by the port a potty” to “remember when we road tripped together and talked the entire time”.  You are always bringing up past memories because, lets face it, they were all so amazing.

4. You understand each other

She understands when you need to go to the grocery store and look down every aisle, filling the cart with every possible unhealthy snack because you can’t tell what you are craving so you need it all. She understands when you just need a hug and a shoulder to cry on. She can take one look at you and tell exactly how you feel without you needing to say a single word. No one else can understand you like she does.

5.You are basically twins

People always come up to you and tell you that you remind them so much of your mom. Not only because of looks but because you basically  have the same personality. Some girls might find that offensive, but if your mom is like mine, you think it’s awesome because she is basically the best person ever. You basically have the same sense of humor, the same taste in food, and the same taste in movies and other fun activities.

6. She is willing to have a karaoke session with you whenever and wherever

If you want to play Sing-It on the Wii she is down if you want to jam out to some High School Musical or Cheetah Girls in the car, she will. She won’t judge when you have the sudden urge to pretend that you are in a Taylor Swift music video and you get all emotional and dramatic. Sometimes you will find yourself walking into the kitchen and seeing her dancing and singing Pricetag just because she can. That’s what makes her so awesome.

7. You can talk about anything

From the latest boy drama or friend drama to the fun facts you learned in class that day, she is always willing to listen. She gives the best advice, even when you don’t want to hear it and is always looking out for your best interest. She even pretends to be interested when you are telling her a bunch of random anatomical factoids. Who else would do that?!?!

8. Her love is unconditional

Friends come and go. People change and grow apart, but your mom is here to stay. She won’t abandon you just because she found a better option. She won’t ignore you because you did something stupid. She loves you no matter what, and she will be by your side forever.

9. You miss her when you are apart

You miss her warm hugs, her smile and laugh. You miss watching movies and going shopping. Going out on other-daughter dates and playing games. You miss her comforting voice telling you everything will be okay. You miss her praying with you and holding you while you cry. You miss making her laugh until she cries. You miss stealing her clothes. You miss everything she does for you that you take for granted. You miss her.

So, if you and your mom are anything like my mom and I, consider yourself blessed. It is truly amazing to have a mother who you consider to be your best friend. I love you mom!

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