5 Things every 18 year old girl wants their mom to know

In my opinion there are two types of girls. There are the kind that let all their emotions show at all times and there are the kind that hold it all in until one day it is like a volcanic eruption of tears. We can be the same way in our relationships with our moms. Most teenage girls have many things that they want to tell their mom but they just don’t know how. So here are 5 things most girls want to tell their mom but don’t know how to.

1. We love you

I’m sure between all the fighting and talking about the drama going on in our lives, us teenagers don’t tell you moms enough, but we do love you! You birthed us (OUCH), clothed us ($$$$$$$$$$) and fed us, which for moms who have picky eaters like me when I was little, is no easy task! You have guided us through every up an down. Every first date and every breakup, I mean let’s face it, dad’s don’t understand the sudden need for ice-cream and chocolates after a major heartbreak but moms do.

2. We hope to be like you one day

I’m sure when someone asked us as kids what we wanted to be we probably answered with some cliché like “princess” or “ballerina”. Of course, now that we are about to face the big real world we have other dreams like nurses, teachers, lawyers, etc., but behind all that, we really hope to be just like you. Of course, we want to take our own career path. but we want to be as good wives and mothers as you have shown us how to  be. You have been our role model from day 1 (literally), and if we could be half the amazing woman that you are that would be enough.

3. Thank You

Along with “I love you” this is another phrase that doesn’t get said as often as it should. You have done so much and there is no way to repay you for all that you have sacrificed to get us to the point that we are at. You have taught us how to dress, wear makeup, helped with homework, boy drama, friend drama, you name it. You really are wonder woman and there are not enough singing thank you cards in the world to truly express our gratitude for just being you.

4. We are going to miss you

Of course we are excited to go to college, start jobs, get married, and start a family, but, that doesn’t mean that we are not going to miss you like crazy. You have been our best friends since we were born. What other best friend would get up throughout the night to feed us and change our diapers? We are going to miss shopping dates, chick flick movie night, random adventures, and playing games, to name a few. Personally, I don’t know anyone else that would walk around Food Lion with me for an hour as I walked down each row and just put whatever looked good in the cart. 🙂 Who could replace black Friday shopping for 15 hours? When we are sick at college who is going to come and take care of us? I mean I can ring a bell all I want, but I highly doubt anyone in my dorm will come get me some more sprite. 🙂 You see moms, just because college sounds exciting and new does not mean that there will not be nights filled with Skype calls and talking on the phone, because we will miss you desperately.

5. No one can take your place

You see moms, no friend, mentor, or mother-in-law can take your place in our heart. You are our mom. Nothing can change that. No matter how far we go or how old we get, you will ALWAYS be our moms. Our love is unconditional so good luck trying to get us to stop loving you. 🙂

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